Father ‘s Day 2016 – Kim-Sơn

Father ‘s Day 2016 –  Kim-Sơn

Li ok

My father in Saigon, 1983, a day after being released after serving 8 years in communist “re-education” camp.

A college literature professor, a district governor, a South Vietnamese military officer, a pro-democracy activist who was tortured and imprisoned for 7 years, including time in the famous Côn Đảo, by Ngô Đình Diệm regime, and a founder of a high school providing free education to poor kids, he later escaped by boat, became a refugee, settled in California, cleaned cars, delivered newspapers, and worked as a janitor cleaning offices and bathrooms of high tech companies in Silicon Valley while sending both boys to Harvard, who are now physicians. Now retired, he swims 2 hours per weekday, walks 10 miles per weekend morning, and writes a pro-democracy blog. He inspires his children to become presidents and Nobel Prize winners, which we clearly fail, but he also inspires us to run marathons, to fly, to explore, to memorize poetry, to write, and, above all, to love deeply and to live for causes much greater than ourselves.


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